About CKM (FAQ)

Who is this for and how does it work?

  • The Cardston Kids Marathon is for children aged 0 through 100, their families, friends and community!
  • Upon registering, each participant will receive a pedometer and a training log. If a replacement pedometer is needed there will be a $3 fee. The pedometer is to help them log their distance completed and the training log is to record their distance completed. They will log 25.2 miles in ¼ mile increments.
  • Participants that register and successfully log 25.2 miles will complete the final mile of the marathon on Race Day (June 17, 2015)
  • Parents must register their student and pay the registration fee at their School Office or online. Grandparents, siblings and community members are welcome and encouraged to register for the Cardston Kids Marathon! (Registration Deadline: May 5, 2015).
  • On t-shirt pick up day (to be announced), participants will need to bring in their completed log to receive their official Cardston Kids Marathon t-shirt which will need to be worn on Race Day. Those with a Full Registration you will also receive your Wristband and will receive their official Cardston Kids Marathon Medal at the finish line by wearing it.

How do you calculate miles to kilometers?

  • 1 kilometer = 0.62 miles

How do I convert steps on the pedometer to miles?

  • Here is the easiest way that we have found to figure out how many steps are in a mile:

    Count your pedometer steps by circling the track in the next lane out from the inside lane (called lane two). This lane is almost exactly a quarter mile. Then you just multiply your pedometer count by 4 to get your steps per mile.
    We took a little survey in 2009 and these were the results – you are welcome to use them – or not . . . . Another note – your step # will be different if you walk or if you run – so you may want to get to the track and figure out your own!! Good luck! These numbers were walking steps.Mom B (5ft 5” tall)    1/4 mile = 575 steps
    Dad B (5ft 11” tall)    1/4 mile =    540 steps (dad has short legs/long body)
    12 year old girl    1/4 mile =    400 steps (the girl has a loooong stride!)
    9 year old boy    1/4 mile =    527 steps ( I think these results are fishy . . . want to retest him – he is about as tall as the 9 year old girl below – hmm)
    7 year old girl    1/4 mile =    687 steps
    4 year old girl    1/4 mile =    1395 steps
    Mom V(5ft 3” tall)    1/4 mile =     550 steps
    9 year old girl    1/4 mile =     800 steps

My child is unable to complete the miles because of health reasons, can they still participate?

  • If anyone, community members or students would like to complete an extra marathon and donate their completed miles to someone else – they are welcome to hand in an extra log – just mark it with your name and write sponsored across the top.

What time does the Cardston Kids Marathon start?

  • We will meet at the Cardston Elementary School at 11:20 on Wednesday June 17, 2015 and at noon the race will begin in waves by grades. Family members and community members are welcome to join any wave they would like to run with.

How much does this race cost?

  • The Full Registration entry fee is $20. If you want a “women’s cut” t-shirt, there is an extra $3 fee.

What do I receive by registering for the Cardston Kids Marathon?

Full Registrations:

  • You will receive a pedometer and a marathon log. Once you have finished the 25.2 miles, and handed in the completed log on t-shirt pick up day (to be announced), you will receive your official Cardston Kids Marathon t-shirt, CKM Wristband, and race bag full of surprises, in the race world it is known as “swag”. Once you cross the finish line on June 17 wearing your CKM Wristband, you will receive your Cardston Kids Marathon finishers medal. All who walk the final mile are welcome to enjoy a healthy lunch with the marathon finishers!

Basic Registrations:

  • You will receive your Cardston Kids Marathon t-shirt, and can participate with the Cardston Kids Marathon on June 17th. All who walk the final mile are welcome to enjoy a healthy lunch with the marathon finishers!

What do I do if I forget my CKM Wristband on race day?

  • Your CKM Wristband is like a racers bib #, it is your ticket to receiving your medal at the finish line. If you forget your Wristband, you will need to see a member of the Parent Council at the warm up table and bring proof of identity with you. (Your teacher can vouch for you!!) We will have a master list of participants that have received their Wristbands by completing their milage.

How can I check if I am entered?

  • We will also have a link on the this website with participants names and t-shirt size. The master list is updated each weekend. You should check this information on this site to confirm your entry details are correct. The link on the website will be posted as soon as possible. Please do not skip this step, or there may not be a registration package for you on race day!! That would be very SAD!